Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your application.
Students from any Victorian university undergraduate course may apply. Students studying Science (including Computer Science), Biomedical Science, Mathematics and Engineering subjects are encouraged to apply. Applicants from other degrees are eligible but will be required to demonstrate a particular interest in research.
At the time of application, you must have completed and obtained results for at least one full year of your degree coursework, be currently undertaking studies and have at least 6 months of your undergraduate coursework remaining at the time of application. Double degree students are required to have completed two years of their combined degree.
NOTE: Students who are currently in the first year of their course (or 2nd year of a double degree) or will complete undergraduate coursework at the end of this semester are not eligible to apply.
Applications are submitted through the UROP website.
Applications open 4 August 2019.
Applications close 23 August at 5pm. Late applications will not be considered.
Applicants are required to submit four documents as attachments to the online application:
1. Application letter
2. Curriculum vitae (Resume) which includes a current passport style photo
3. Electronic copy of results
4. Current passport style photo (can be the same one as in Curriculum vitae)
Applications will not be accepted if any attachments are missing. All documents must be in PDF format
Please ensure your name is on all documents (header or footer).
Please see details of required documents below.
1. Application Letter:
Use this opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. There are no right or wrong answers, just be genuine. Make sure to tell us about yourself. This could include your reasons for applying for UROP and your specific area of interest or how you believe UROP would benefit you and what you believe you have to offer a research group.
Within your application letter, you must address the following questions:
• Who is your scientific hero and why?
• Describe what you think a typical day as a biomedical researcher would be like.
What role do you imagine computing plays in biomedical research?
• What initiatives have you undertaken to obtain relevant experience?
• Tell us how you heard about UROP (20 words or less)

The letter must be no longer than one A4 page, typed in font size 11 or larger. Any text exceeding this limit will be discarded.

2. Curriculum vitae (Resume) including

• Name of the course you are currently enrolled in, current year of study and anticipated completion date (excluding an Honours year)
• Name and contact details (including e-mail address) of one academic referee
Note: You must obtain permission from the referee to use his or her name. The referee may or may not be contacted.
• Your contact details
• Your education and employment history
• Any other relevant information

There is no fixed length for the curriculum vitae but it is preferable to be concise – between 1-3 A4 pages.

3. Electronic copy of academic record
The full record of your results can be downloaded from your student information system. The most up-to-date record of your results, for the full period of your undergraduate candidature to date, is required.
If selected for placement, you may be required to provide an official academic transcript to the employing organization.
When completing the application form please input your results in the same order as they appear on your academic record. All results must be entered, including fails. You may omit subjects that just have a pass grade.
Previous applicants
If you applied in a previous round and were unsuccessful, it will be necessary to complete a full application, as for a new applicant.
Availability for Placement
A UROP Placement requires a commitment of 2 weeks fulltime if you commence in the summer vacation and 4 weeks fulltime if you commence in the summer vacation followed by a 6 or 12-month placement depending on the project. You need to be available 1 full day or 2 half days per week during the semester. Please ensure that you can make this commitment when you apply for UROP.
If you are offered another placement for the vacation during the UROP decision-making period, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can determine if it is compatible with UROP or if you would no longer be eligible.
Notification of status of application
Interviews to select candidates for meetings with potential supervisors will be conducted from mid-September for UROP positions to commence in the summer 2019 vacation and continue in Semester 1, 2020. Students need to be available full time for a period of 4 weeks during the vacation to complete the full-time placement requirement.
All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email once final decisions are confirmed by the end of October. Please do not contact UROP enquiring about the status of your application prior to this time. We notify all applicants of the final status of their application but do not provide individual feedback.

Applications are currently closed.